About us

Filius&Filia is a daycare located in central Huddinge which is run as a parent cooperative. We work with various themes and both English and Swedish are used on an everyday basis at the daycare – the children experience communication in both languages by means of games, stories, creative activities, exercise and physical activity, music and experiments. We work in accordance with the Swedish guidelines for teaching in daycares and the comprehensive documentation that we create allows the children themselves and their parents to follow the children’s development at the daycare.

We have received accreditation from the Swedish Grön Flagg (Green Flag) scheme, which reflects our work with increasing awareness among the children about environmental and health issues. All the food served at the daycare is prepared on site by our cook and lunch always includes a salad buffet. Exercise and spending time outside form an important part of our daily activities. The children are outside in the playground or in the nearby park every day. During the autumn and spring we spend time out in the forest (in “Mulle, Knytte and Knopp” groups as defined by the Swedish Friluftsfrämjandet organisation, which promotes outdoor activities). During the winter we go ice skating at the Björkängshallen indoor ice rink.

The daycare’s current opening times are 7.30–17.00 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), 7.30-16.30 on Friday. The daycare is closed for four weeks during the summer (July-August) – with notification of the specific dates being provided at least six weeks in advance. The daycare is also usually closed between Christmas and New Year. The daycare is open if required on ‘bridge days’ (klämdagar) directly before or after public holidays.
There are also four planning days per year on which the daycare is closed. These are used by the personnel to plan the activities at the daycare.

The daycare has an anti-discrimination/equal treatment plan, which defines rules and measures for preventing, investigating and resolving issues relating to discrimination, harassment or other degrading treatment of children and staff at the daycare. The plan is assessed and, if necessary, amended on an annual basis. And in order to strengthen the children’s social skills and empathy for others, we work with the Swedish “StegVis” method.

Our vision is to offer:
• A daycare at which everyone feels important and valued.
• A daycare at which the children’s influence, curiosity and imagination form the basis for a fun learning atmosphere.
• A daycare that offers a creative, inspirational and challenging environment – both indoors and outdoors.
• A daycare that works actively to raise awareness and arouse interest in issues relating to health, the environment and our shared space.

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