Swedish and English are active languages used at the daycare, and the teachers all have one of these languages as their native language. No prior knowledge of either of the languages is required, and each child learns at his or her own pace, by means of games, songs, stories and discussions.

The children at the daycare are divided into groups of 4-6 children per group, with a teacher being assigned responsibility for each group. Each group works on the daycare’s current theme in a number of different ways, as well as playing both indoors and outdoors.

We always have a particular theme that characterises the current activities at the daycare. Our previous themes have included dinosaurs, our immediate surroundings, the body and insects. The children learn at their own level in their different age groups by means of singing, music, creating things, playing, reading and hearing stories and carrying out experiments. We work actively with a teaching plan designed for daycare-age children and the children are introduced, in a playful way, to technology, maths, science, languages and creative skills.

During the spring and autumn, we go to a nearby forest once a week to learn about, play in and enjoy the woods. The older children take a bus to the forest and the smaller children use a little copse near the daycare. The children are outside at some point every day, in the playground or in one of the nearby parks or playgrounds. When outdoors we organise games and exercise activities, and investigate all the equipment available in the playgrounds. Together with the “Keep Sweden Clean” organisation, we have worked since 2010 with the Green Flag (Grön Flagg) initiative, which has resulted in a large salad buffet being available at every lunch, the children helping with sorting and disposal of recyclable rubbish, and various forms of exercise and other activities being carried out, such as ice skating and our own Spring Race (”Vårrus”) around the local park Rådsparken.

As we have children and families from many different parts of the world, it is important for us that we work with an international perspective. We want all the children to feel proud of their culture and their family traditions, and at the same time we highlight and explain traditional Swedish celebrations. We therefore enjoy many celebrations, such as Lucia, the Chinese New Year, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Midsummer and Chanukka.

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